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Soft Carbon

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Rigid Insulation & Heat Shield

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Innovations in Carbon

CCI manufactures a unique portfolio of composite materials suitable for a variety of high temperature applications. Our technical support team can assist you in choosing which grade will best suit your requirements and processes.

Alternatively, we can customize a solution for your specific needs. Each of our grades was developed to address the special challenges faced by end-users like yourself. If we haven’t found a solution to your problem already, CCI would welcome the opportunity to work with you to find an answer.

High Temp Rigid Insulation

Multiple graphite foil layers conduct heat axially within the hot zone cylinder, reducing “hot spots” and improving process control.

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Heat Shields

Prevents heat pack erosion from high velocity gas flows and protects the insulation package from damage due to dropped parts.

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Carbon/Carbon Composites

Unlike metal fixtures, which twist and warp over time, Carbon/Carbon composites will remain flat and actually increase in strength at elevated temperatures.

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Soft Carbon & Graphite Felts

Thermshield Graphite Felt grades can be an excellent insulating option for furnaces operating at temperatures in excess of 2000°C.

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