Composite Sandwich Board Insulation

Composite Sandwich Board (CSB) has been engineered to provide maximum longevity for CVD and sintering furnaces. Alternating layers of graphite foil and semi-rigidized felt are sandwiched between sheets of Carbon/Carbon composite. Much like Composite Sandwich Pack, this construction provides an effective barrier to process gas infiltration and convection.

Construction: CSB is produced by laminating multiple layers of semi-rigidized felt and graphite foil between 0.025″ thick sheets of Carbon/Carbon Composite (C/C). Optionally, graphite foil may be bonded to one or both faces.

Sizes: Boards are manufactured to customer specified sizes, eliminating the need for most joints. Panels are available in sizes up to 90″ long x 55″ wide x 8″ thick.


Multiple graphite foil layers slow the infiltration of process gasses that can densify felt, degrading its insulating properties.

C/C exterior provides a robust barrier; protecting the insulating core from damage by dropped parts, melt splatter, or high velocity particle abrasion.

Solid C/C composite construction will not bow, warp, or crack as a result of thermal shock or cycling.

Composite Sandwich Board (CSB) is readily machinable using conventional methods such as cutting, drilling, sawing, and milling.