Composite Sandwich Pack Insulation

Alternating layers of rigidized felt and graphite foil are sandwiched between inner and outer Carbon/Carbon composite shells. This construction creates an effective barrier to convection, making CSP an excellent material in HIP furnaces or applications where process gas infiltration of the insulation heat pack is problematic.

Construction:  The system uses inner and outer Carbon/Carbon composite shells to protect an insulation core which is comprised of multiple layers of semi-rigidized carbon felt and graphite foil. Optionally, graphite foil may be bonded to the Carbon/Carbon cylinder faces.

Sizes: Cylinders fabricated to customer specified sizes up to 70″ diameter by 140″ long.


Multiple graphite foil layers conduct heat axially within the hot zone cylinder, reducing “hot spots” and improving process control.

Carbon/Carbon composite exterior shells provides a robust barrier; protecting the insulating core from damage by dropped parts, melt splatter, or high velocity particle abrasion.

Monolithic Carbon/Carbon composite cylinder construction will not bow, warp, or crack as a result of thermal shock or cycling.

CSP is readily machinable using conventional methods such as cutting, drilling, sawing, and milling.